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Job Daycare Teacher (Child caregiver) Texas Compassion

Daycare Teacher (Child caregiver)

Skills:Compassion       |  Location: San Antonio  ,  Texas  ,  United States Of America


Planning, implementing, and supervising structured, educational group activities.
Planning and supervising balanced routines that include physical activities, rest, and playtime.
Preparing, organizing, and supervising mealtimes and snacks with nutritional food selections.
Providing responsible care and maintaining all safety standards.
Ensuring a safe, sanitary, and orderly environment.
Notifying supervisors and parents of any signs of emotional or developmental issues.
Providing structure and accountability that is focused but compassionate.
Assisting children in the bathroom or with diapering tasks as needed.
Encouraging children to participate in all activities.
Create an enriching learning environment.
Be responsible for the essential needs of the
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