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Legal Bank Clerk

Skills:bank clerk       |  Location: Raleigh  ,  North Carolina  ,  United States Of America


Legal Bank Clerk needs 2+ years’ work experience.
Legal Bank Clerk requires:
 Admin assisting experience
 Legal documenting , review experience
Legal Bank Clerk duties:
 Reviews legal documentation to determine the nature of the request and the necessary subsequent action. Identifies client account associated with the request.
 Sources information by retrieving from multiple Bank resources, credit cards, wires, IP addresses, statements, signature cards and other methods of validation.
 Takes appropriate administrative steps to comply with legal requests which may involve seizing client assets, placing holds, closing accounts, and other actions.
 Processes responses, payments, notifications to external parties, and monthly reports. Works closely with clients, law enforcement, attorneys, and courts.
 Compiles, evaluates, and maintains legal or court-related documentation.
 Ensures accurate tracking and reporting of all requests for compliance purposes, including tracking of incoming and outgoing communications.

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