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Operations Assistant

Skills:Office Management       |  Location: Jersey City  ,  New Jersey  ,  United States Of America


We need someone who can help with our jewelry brand transitioning to a new inventory and order management system, complete with workflows for picking, packing and shipping orders as well as managing returns. The process will also include barcoding of samples and items in their collection, alongside improvements made to the existing fulfillment structure that maximizes space utilization for optimal efficiency.

This is a full-time role where you must be able to report to work in our NJ office located at Bay St, Jersey City. This will involve hands-on work in addition to administrative tasks that will be completed on a computer.

Key responsibilities:
Office Management
- Reordering supplies; create a list of supplies that we need to keep in stock (shipping materials: boxes, mailers, shipping labels, etc | Office supplies: paper towels, pantry stuff)
- Liaison with building admin (figure out and schedule repairs/maintenance needed)
- Cleaning schedule & supplies
- Trash/recycles | day-to-day clean up - just keeping things organized and neat
- Labeling racks/bin & set up a system
- Manage deliveries

HQ Operations
- Shipping orders (FBA/web orders) | Understand the shipping process for APC shipments
- Shipping samples
- Receiving: Labeling, assembly, and putting away
- Inventory counts
- Returns management
- Maintain the product samples tracking database to ensure accurate inventory records, product information, weights/measurements, photos/videos, etc
- Assist with delivery & pickup of products to nearby partners (photographers, artists, influencers, businesses, etc)
- Assist and coordinate local events and promotions
- Product quality testing & review

Project Management
- Assist in developing project plans, timelines, budgets, and resource allocation.
- Monitor project progress and identify potential roadblocks or issues.
- Communicate with stakeholders regarding project status updates.
- Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure successful completion of projects.

Some training provided but self-learning is a must
- Airtable
- ClickUp
- ShipStation
- AMZ Seller Central

Skill set:
- Keen eye for detail - must be able to easily spot errors and input data accurately.
- Responsible - can ensure on-time task completion and must take ownership of their own work.
- Reliable - can work with minimal supervision and must be able to take a project from start to finish without much intervention.
- Fast learner - must be able to quickly grasp new information and can easily adapt to changes.
- Analytical - must be able to think logically and have an interest to work with technical tasks.
- Good communicator - must communicate effectively with the president to manage his expectations.
- Proactive - must be able to see potential problems before they arise.
- Good time management skills - must be able to work on multiple projects at the same time, each with a different deadline.
- Adaptable - must be able to keep up with the various tasks that the president will require.
- Dedicated and loyal - This is a full-time long-term position. The person filling this position is not allowed to take outside work or freelance work.
- Interest in eCommerce - most of the work will involve eCommerce processes and we believe that this role can provide a peek into what goes on in the industry.

- Demonstrated analytical and problem solving skills.
- Demonstrated organizational and project management skills.
- Experience in the food service industry is a plus.

Do not apply if:
- You arenít able to report daily in our NJ office

Our core values:
At South Street Designs, we believe in creating an environment where everyone can be their authentic selves and contribute their unique perspective to the team. We strive to ensure our company culture is grounded in positive values like trust and respect, collaboration, resilience, and innovation. This commitment enables us to build an atmosphere where inclusion and growth are at the forefront. Our goal is to empower each individual to reach their fullest potential while being supported by the team.

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