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Job Android Mobile Developer Georgia Android Mobile

Android Mobile Developer

Skills:Android Mobile       |  Location: Atlanta  ,  Georgia  ,  United States Of America


Job Title- Android Mobile Developer

Location- Onsite- Atlanta, GA

Job description-

2-6 years of experience required
? Skilled in QTQuick ( for code written with QML (QT Modeling Language)
and Typescript) for QT development for a android tablet. (Qt 5.15.2 and
QtQML 2.15)
? Familiarity with Android AWS is desired.
? Familiarity with AWS is desired.
? Quality development practices, with automation at forefront for
continuous quality. Test Driven Development
? Ability to build Secure apps that adhere to best practices for
information security
? Solution Oriented ? Maintains a positive attitude oriented towards coming
up with solutions and developing new approaches, doesn?t let distractions
get in the way, isn?t overwhelmed with problems/issues.
? Communication skills ? The ability to communicate verbally and in writing
with all levels of employees and management, capable of successful formal
and informal communication, speaks and writes clearly and understandably
for the audience.
? Integrity and Trust ? Involves being widely trusted, being seen as a
direct, truthful individual, can present the unvarnished truth in an
appropriate and helpful manner, keeps confidences, admits mistakes, and
does not misrepresent him/herself for personal gain.
? Teamwork- Involves working well in a collaborative setting, supporting
work team by volunteering for and completing assignments, acting as a
positive team member by contributing to discussions, developing and
maintaining both formal and informal relationships enterprise-wide, and
defines success in terms of the entire team through mentoring and knowledge
? Good knowledge of Software Development ? Involves knowing the general
approach to developing software including best practices, concepts,
technology, and methodology obtained through formal training and / or work

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