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Business Development Manager

Mightyworks       |    Location:TX       |    Country:United States Of America

Job Summary<br /> <br /> Business is about more than just setting goals and making sales. At our company, we believe that business is about developing relationships with our partners and providing them with top-quality products and the services they need. As our business development manager, you&#39;ll be responsible for arranging the deals that makes this a reality. If you want to put your ambition into practice and be rewarded for doing so, our business development manager position may be right for you. We invite qualified candidates to complete an application and learn more about our company. Together, we can take the company to the next level.<br /> <br /> Job Responsibilities <ul> <li>Build relationships with potential clients by seeking out their needs and offering solutions that our company can provide them with.</li> <li>Attract interest in products and services by advertising, networking, developing relationships and listening to feedback.</li> <li>Acquire new accounts through networking and outreach targeted at potential new clients and</li> <li>Set goals to ensure that sales quotas are met and all business team members are performing adequately.</li> <li>Meet the needs of clients by taking the time to communicate with them and understand how their business operates.</li> <li>Maintain client satisfaction by keeping quality of products and services high and meeting new client needs that may have arisen.</li> <li>Track the sales cycle to see potential clients through the lifetime of their partnership with us, and ensure they are satisfied every step of the way.</li> <li>Strategize new approaches for attracting clients and making sales in a B2B context and in environments outside of your typical sales regimen.<br /> &nbsp;</li> </ul> Job Skills &amp; Qualifications<br /> <br /> Required<br /> &nbsp; <ul> <li>Bachelor&#39;s degree or higher in business, marketing or sales</li> <li>Ability to meet high sales quotas on a quarterly basis</li> <li>Minimum of three years in a sales or business role</li> <li>Superior written and spoken communication abilities<br /> &nbsp;</li> </ul> Preferred <ul> <li>Prior experience in a management role</li> <li>Ability to motivate team members and produce great results</li> </ul>

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